COVID-19 Orthodox Jewish EmergeNcy Tracker

Tool created by Agudath Israel of America

COJENT Initiative

Should we be reopening faster or slower? Will there be a "second wave," chas v'sholem, and will we be aware of it before or after lives are lost? These are the questions Orthodox Jewish communities are asking. With cases rising in some states and falling in others, we cannot afford to have a uniform or politically animated response. Orthodox Jews also have more interactions within their communities, so generalized governmental data is not necessarily instructive. While anecdotal reports are helpful, communities need accurate, real-time, community-specific information to make informed decisions about how Orthodox practices should safely resume.

Thus, the Your local vaad has decided to use a tool created by Agudath Israel of America with leading rabbonim, infectious disease doctors, epidemiologists, and programmers - COJENT - to aid in generating informed, data-driven decisions for the community.

If you recently had COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms, please complete this brief survey!

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Thank you to the following rabbonim and doctors for advising Agudath Israel in the creation this free tool for the klal:

  • HaRav Elya Brudny
  • Rabbi Yaakov Robinson
  • Dr. Daniel Berman
  • Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt
  • Dr. Shlomo Minkowitz
  • Dr. Avi Rosenberg
  • Dr. Jonathan Shuter
  • Dr. Jeffrey Teitelbaum
  • Dr. Shimshi Zimmerman

*Note that this survey is not intended to interpret individual medical situations or generate medical advice.